Designing a Room for Your Teen

Like the rest of the family, teens have their own needs and preferences when it comes to the bedroom. It is not just a place for sleep but it is their sanctuary where they spend most of their time when they are home. When you design a room for your teenage son or daughter, there are things that you need to consider as they will not only need a bed but other things as well.

The Basics

Other than a bed and a couple of cabinets and drawers, you will also need a desk. It is best to have a work area where the desk can accommodate a computer and still have enough space to spread out books and papers for studying. A computer chair and study lamp is also necessary. Most teens spend their spare time in front of the computer to get in touch with their friends. It is also important to have enough storage space for other things such as magazines, make up, sneakers, gadgets, a lot of clothes, and other stuff.

Designing a Room for Your Teen


When designing a bedroom for teens, you want to make sure that you have outlets in accessible areas such as the work area. You have to remember that teens like to have all the latest gadgets available. Computers, cd players, cell phones, and game consoles. You might also need a separate line for the home phone as they are likely to be on the phone most of the time. You can get customized phones that are available in different designs to match the theme of the more information on teens bedroom decor by visiting


Aside from the bed, you can get a sofa or a couch. Teens like to have their friends sleep over in their room. A sofa bed is a good and practical choice because it is multipurpose. In addition to that, get heavy curtains, rags and throw pillows for the bedroom. These are good things to have because it does not only make the room more comfortable and cozy but they also absorb sound waves. This is especially helpful if your teenage son or daughter likes turning up the volume when listening to music.

The most important thing in designing a room for a teen is to involve them in the process. They already know what they want and how they want their room to look like. It is their room after all and every bedroom should be an expression of the owner’s personality. Especially for teens.

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