Designing a Room for Kids

Children are playful and they have a wild imagination. When designing a bedroom for kids, it is important to make it as interesting interior design as possible. If you want to make a theme room, talk to your kid about the things that he finds interesting, his favorite color, his favorite animal or his favorite cartoon character. Designing a room for your kid is going to be fun not only for him but for you as well.

Interesting themes for kids

  1. Nature

    take your kid’s imagination to his bedroom. You can choose from a wide variety of nature themes such as the jungle where he can have a view of trees and wild animals, or you can choose an underwater theme with pictures of colorful and interesting sea creatures such as fishes, corals, and anemones. Maybe he will fancy the dessert where there are camels and cactuses.check out some natures themes by visiting

  2. Space

    this is a popular theme especially for little boys. He can have a picture of the galaxies, the sun, the moon, and space ships. You can even go a step further by sticking glow in the dark stars so that the bedroom will look like the sky when the lights are out.Designing a Room for Kids

  3. Fairytale

    little girls love stories about fairies and princesses. You can design the room with canopies to make it more magical. Decorate the room with stuffed unicorns and fairies.

  4. Cartoons

    children love cartoons. Consider a theme room with the setting of his or her favorite cartoon such as the bikini bottom from Sponge bob Square pants with stuffed characters to make it more interesting.

  5. Fantasy or reality

    Turn your kid’s room into a pirate ship, a race track, or a Native American village complete with red Indians and teepees.

Tricks and tips in making fun rooms

  • Theme rooms are easier to achieve with the help of home builders. Visit your home renovation store for the wall papers that are available for the theme room that you are making. If you do not want the room to be overwhelming, you can put wall paper on just one side of the room. It will be cheaper and it can also make a bold statement without overdoing it.
  • You can accentuate the bedroom with interesting details such as brightly colored knobs, window frames, doors, and wall angles.
  • You can add your kid’s artwork to the design of the bedroom by having their paintings and drawings stenciled or framed and put them on the wall.
  • Design a bulletin board or cork board and place it near his work area. This is where he can put all his drawings, home works with perfect grades and what have yous.

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